Check out some of these easy fixes for the most common computer related issues
New LCD vs Old CRT Monitor
LCD Monitors-
Monitors have come a long way since day one. Do you remember when you needed a back belt to lift your computer monitor? Today the screens have become larger and much lighter to pick up. But that doesn't mean something can't go wrong with the newest style LCD screens. If your screen doesn't turn on, try these quick tips.

Step 1 - If your old monitor does not turn on try plugging it directly into the wall and by pass the power strip.
Step 2 - If your power strip is bad you will not get the correct current to run through it for the monitor to turn on.
Step 3 - Buy a new power strip, but this time spend more then $5.95. Buy a good power strip for around $19.95+

If your old monitor has gone out and needs to be tossed, make sure you ask your land fill if you can dump it there.

When you go to the store to buy your next monitor, use the terms "computer LCD screen", then they will know what you are talking about. The standard size today is 21" which should cost you around $99 to $149+
Don't block your computer's air vents.
Keeping your computer as cool as possible and dirt free is one of the best things you can do for it.
If you have a desktop computer lying down on your desk, make sure you don't block the air vents.

Both your case fans and vents should be vacuumed out on a monthly basis to keep all dirt out of your PC.

Check that placing a printer on the top of the tower isn't going to disrupt the ventilation of your tower. Ventilation inside a computer is important to maintaining the life of your hardware, and a lack of ventilation can lead to overheating. Don't place your printer or its cables where they might obscure vents or air holes on the top or sides
of the computer.

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