Check out some of these easy fixes for the most common computer related issues
Internet issues-
Your internet may stop working from time to time and we have some easy solutions for you to try.
If the cable company or DSL has issues in your area, you will not be notified of the outage. If they are doing road work or construction in your area or street, your internet may go out. Try these simple steps before calling your internet provider.

Step 1 - Unplug your modem.  It will be the black thin cord coming from your modem, going to the wall
Step 2 - Turn off your computer and wait one to two minutes. Do not choose restart, choose shut down
Step 3 - Plug back in your router
Step 4 - Turn on your computer

If you have a modem and seperate router unplug them both at the same time and then wait one to two minutes before plugging them back it. This gives it a chance to properly reset both hardware devices.
Printer issues-
If your printer stops working, it may simply be offline with your computer. This means it is not communicating with your computer. Their are two ways to hook up a printer, one is with a USB cable and the other is wireless.
If you are using the wireless method, make sure your printer is online. You can go to your printer LCD screen and look under the settings or tools to see if you are connected to your computers router.

Step 1 - Turn off your printer.  It will be the button with a power symbol
Step 2 - In your computer go to printers or printer settings under the control panel
Step 3 - Right click on the printer you want to use and choose to make it the default printer
Step 4 - If it shows offline, your printer will be grayed out not in full color, choose online
Wireless Mouse issues-
Did your mouse just stop working? Try these quick steps Most of the time its just as simple as replacing your batteries and pressing the reset button on the mouse. If this doesnt work try unplugging your USB device and plug it into another USB port on your computer. Not all USB ports are equal. In fact some don't work at all.

Step 1 - Flip over your mouse and look for the battery compartment
Step 2 - Open it and place one or two new batteries inside, then put the cover on
Step 3 - On the back of the mouse (sometimes the side) you will see a small button, press it
Step 4 - On your computer find your small USB device that sends the signal to your mouse
Step 5 - Give it a few seconds for the mouse to find the signal to your computer
Speaker Icon
Sound or speaker issues-
Did your sound in your computer or laptop just stop? We have some quick solutions for you to try.
Computers and laptops both use a sound card, they are found within the computer case or laptop.
Drivers are what runs the sound card and if corrupted you can download new drivers on the manufactures website. If your sound card is bad then you will need to buy a new PCI or PCI express sound card from the store and have someone install it for you.

Solution one
Step 1 - On the back of your computer look for the green plug-in (Our diagram with flashing light shows this)
Step 2 - Make sure that the green end of the cable is plugged into the green sound port on your computer

Solution two
Step 1- Bottom of your computer or laptop screen, look for the speaker symbol as shown above in black
Step 2- Make sure the speakers are not muted. This would show a red X. Simply click on the symbol and
unmute them. You can also raise or lower your volume in the same way.

Solution three
Step 1- Go to your Windows updates and see if your drivers are outdated
Step 2 - You can also go to your control panel settings / sound / update drivers

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