Read the latest information about online scams and vunerable threats to you and others who use computers.
Don't be fooled by the online scammers who want nothing but your money, to destroy your credit and PC.
Posting Ads

(red flag #1)
When posting an ad using Craigslist or Facebook Market Place be careful of texting. Almost immediately after a post you will get a text saying someone wants to buy your item. Look at the phone number, then Google it, its a great search engine.

(red flag #2)
Look out for the words "Money order", or "I will have someone else pick up the item, because I'm busy", or "I'm getting married", or "I'm in the hospitol".
Look out for repeated words or miss-spelled names. 

(red flag #3)
The scammers are trying to convince you to sell them your item and they will pay you using a money order or Papal.
Its a scam! Don't give them any information on your PayPal account or bank account.

(red flag #4)
Don't ever meet a potential buyer at your own house. Meet the buyer at a local store where their are people around you. Always ask for cash.

(red flag #5)
If more than one person gets out of a car and you hand over the item or items you are selling, it may be a red flag to watch out they don't take it from you. If you have a friend to go with you then take them, safety is in numbers.

These are all tips to help you not get ripped off! Be safe out their and watch your six/back.